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Stone- Movie Review

Hi Lovelies! How was your weekend? If you are in the US. than you had the Memorial Day long weekend. For me, I went to the beach. I haven’t went to the beach for a long time, so it was fun! <3

Today I’m going to do a Movie Review. Funny thing is that, we rented 2 movies and one of them I actually already saw it before! ( I don’t think I did a review on it though) However, for whatever I did not remember it. & after watching it for about 15 minutes, I realize some scenes look familiar. but for the most part, I did not even recognize the movie! lol. ( The movie was: Angel & Demons, which was pretty good! So let me know if you like to see a movie review on it)

We rented 2 movies, the other was : Stone. Which I had no idea what it was about. Because I rented from those $1 movie rental machines and it doesn’t give you too much idea about the movie ( only 1 photo) so I basically choose the movie base on the cast instead!

“Stone” was a ok movie I think. The cast/acting was good, but the plot was really soso. Basically it was about a guy trying to get out of jail & he used he wife to help him get out. Of course, supposedly he is not suppose to be released unless he has truly changed... as for what happen at the end, you’ll see it if you watch it.

There’s really not any kind of action or suspense, only the acting that captivates you in the moment. There’s some nudity involves. (But pretty avoidable if you’re not into that)

It’s hard to judge this one, because the lack of plot. Overall I give this movie 2.8 stars. ( points are given basically just for the acting, because there is really no plot) 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. thank you for these reviews dear :) i watched kungfu panda 2 last nice. ^__^ it was awesome haha!

  2. Love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  3. @Sugar Sugar: NP! O really~ I haven’t seem it yet~ was not planning to watch it actually ~ but since u said it’s awesome.. I just might see it! <3

    @KiranBajajSawhney: Sure! <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  4. this movie seems interesting! but maybe ill watch it when it comes out on video since you said its soso =D

  5. Hi there! Im finally back!!! I watched angel and demons too and though it wasn't bad but have never heard of Stone before, though I don't think I'll be renting that any time soon =P

    You and your hubby sound so cute! Honestly, gifts are really from the heart (though of course, we cannot ignore the price tags sometimes too ><) I know what you mean by fancying pretty things, personally when I see something expensive I want to by, saving for the item is sometimes the fun part too =D Though Im not sure if that's the same for everybody =P