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Rolling Stone - Lady Gaga

Hi Lovelies! Another Gaga post for you! haha

Rolling Stone decided to put Gaga on the cover again~ This time I think the style is more acceptable to most if not all?! I like the new Hair Bow Do! ( I think before it was more of a perky bow? and now it’s more relaxed bow) It’s kinda give a traditional Japanese Hair Bun feel ! ( I am betting that’s where the inspiration comes from!) The colors are also very soft and Spring like~ I really like it! The last picture is more edgy <3

What do you think of the photo shoot? Did you like it?! 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. I love the one in the yellow flowers the most!! I love how she doesn't look toooo OTT here, she looks lovely! I am loving the hair bow bun, it is very relaxed and pretty!

    Kitty xo

  2. i mean as much as i like her music, sometimes i dont know if she is hot or just plain weird...lol but i do admire her sense of individuality~~~


  3. @KittyBonkers: I love that pix too!

    @Jessy: haha yeah~ sometimes I don’t get her style either~ but somehow her style is always worthy another look =)

  4. Haha her style is always nuts, but that's what makes her Ga-Ga! :)



  5. I am your new follower,I would really appreciate if you could follow me back!

  6. @Danielle: I agree! Although I think this style wasn’t that nuts~ ^^ ~~

    @Jewellery Bijou : Sure, Dear <3

  7. her hair bow instead of a bow reminds me of pebbles from the flinstones lol

  8. i like these toned-down photos of her...it's definitely a different look, but a nice change. the yellow one is pretty.


  9. @Kawaiiberri92: lol

    @Oomph: I think so 2 !

    xoxo HItomiNeko xoxo