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Killers Movie Review

Hi lovlies ~ can’t believe this movie was already almost a year old~~ in my mind it was like maybe a few months old... @_@ time really flies~~ I was thinking finally I’m doing movie reviews again but I’m sad that it’s an older movie than I thought... 

Anyway, I watched this movie once before but only half way through because I thought it really sucks & I was really disappointed because I like both main casts : Ashton Kutcher & Katherine Heigl. This time I managed to watch the whole thing~ for some reason I thought it was more interesting than the first time. However, I can’t say it was very good. 

The movie is about a normal girl who married a Spy without knowing it until one day all hell broke loose and everyone becomes an assassin and aims to kill him dead. The mystery is why and who directed for the killing. 

The memorable “ boring” part was when they were on their first date & Katherine Heigl decided to do this stupid robot imitation that shows how bad she is at dating but at the same time shows the cuteness of it. If I were the director I would cut that part out because that was one of the main reason I decide to stop watching it through the first time. 

The plot was ok, I don’t think this movie has that much mystery, mainly it is focus on comedy and action~ Except it’s average funny & it’s really difficult to have an excellent action movie when it’s partly comedy... unless you’re Jackie Chan. 

LOL, this is for fun~ I still love Ashton Kutcher! 
Overall I rate this movie 2.75 ... Sorry no high points from me, but it’s a good movie to watch if you’re multitasking! (Doesn’t require too much of your attention to understand the movie) 

PS: I am hesitating if I should do a drama review.. I just finished a drama & most likely starting another one~ The one I finished wasn’t all that great though~~~~ ( acting wise and loopholes in the plot..) regardless I still was somewhat addicted to it... ~~ =P ...

Would you watch this movie? Did you watch it? 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 


  1. I saw this movie a while back and thought the same as you. I didn't understand why some parts were in the movie (probably need it to have the movie time longer), but I find it was an ok movie. Nothing all that great, I sure wouldn't recommend it for action or comedy cause it was somewhat on the lame side. But, I doooo love Katherine's white dress. Not to mention she looks dazzling in it!

  2. Im glad that I didn't watch this movie now! I really wanted to since Im a Katherine Heigal fan!

  3. @Suki Pookie : Ooo yeah ~ me 2 ~~~ but i kinda feel like Katherine Heigl is like Jennifer Anniston.. whenever you see her, you want to watch the movie, but the movie is always just a soso movie... >_<...

    @Elle: OoO yeah totally~ that dress is so beautiful~ =)

  4. Anonymous5/11/2011

    sounds like a nice movie. ill go find a copy of that.

  5. I saw this movie on the air. It was a sweet movie. I love Ashton :p

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following me.

    btw, I love your Hello Kitty designs :)