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Happy Mothers day~~ ^^ & Thoughts for Push Ups Swim Wear~

Hi lovlies! Happy Mothers Day! ~~~ Even though we’re not all mothers here, but we probably all have a mother in our lives~ ( by blood or not~!) So I guess it is a day to celebrate ~~! 

For me, I basically hanged out with my mom for a day ( yesterday) ~ & treat her to a meal~ nothing too fancy & stuff but I think we had fun~ which I think is the point right? ^__^

We also went shopping ~ we went into Victoria’s Secret & ended up buying a bunch of underwear like we always do~ haha ~ I think the interesting thing I saw was the super push up bras for bikini or swimsuits. 

I like the idea of push up for swim wear but I kinda wonder if this is too much? Because it is suppose to add “ 2 cup sizes” !!! I can understand this for small cups but they have it in large cup sizes too.. like C & D’s.... I don’t know anyone who have C & D need to push up 2 more sizes?!

What do you think of Push Ups for Swim wear? 

What did you do for your mother for mother’s day?

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. Anonymous5/08/2011

    happy motherday!

  2. happy mother's day too hun! :) i don't mind push up swimwear since i think i am in need of something like that LOL! :P

  3. Me mum is all the way back in Malaysia, so I could only drop her a text hehe

    Push up swimwear, eyh? Interesting, though I don't think I'd ever get one myself. In any case, am too self-conscious to wear swimwear. Not that I'm a prude (I hope not), I just don't have the confidence yet. Let me get rid of my tummy first heh

  4. Hmm... I like the idea of them but I prefer just padded ones tbh ^^ Even though I need to wear pushups lololol

  5. @ I like the idea too~ I remember trying this swim wear style last year... I think they didn’t have as much push up styles back then~ but I think it was a little bit too much~ ( 2 cup sizes is a lot!)

    @Joey: ~~ ooO yeah I need to lose my tummy too~~~ >_<!

    @ Sugar Sugar: Haha~ me 2 me 2 ~~~ as long it fits well though & not way too big ! ha

    @bunnyluverz: U 2 <3

  6. hmm don't really knowwww i just don't want to get sunburn no probably this year will wear swimsuit and then lots of sunscreen and shirt on top lol

  7. WAhhh! That's crazy for a C cup or D to want 2 more sizes!!!! I think A-B is alright but anything larger than that is just too much! But these push-up bras do pique my interests! Might have to go down to the states to see them myself =D hahaha