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Glamorous Mag Scan & updates

Hi Lovlies! It’s Monday again~ Today I went to work & realized that I didn’t do my report on Friday~ & I start pondering about it because I have clear memory of remembering to do the report before leaving on Friday. After I checked my computer, I realized I did not do it... so the memory was from the 2 Fridays ago!!! Omgish.. I can’t believe how fast time flies! ~ 

So yeah anyways, I just had my lunch... Yummy... but also feel so fat at the same time~ Yesterday my hubby complain to me abt my tummy >_<!!!! eeee... ok I know for most ppl they can’t c it, ‘cause maybe I hide it or it’s not as obvious when I’m not full... But I feel after dinner time, my tummy looks extra big >_<!!! So I always say to him “ it’s the food” & I guess over time he doesn’t really believe me anymore......! ehhh ok.. must go GYM tonight~~~~~~ Lovlies, do you have any good suggestion for losing tummies?! 

O, & here is the Mag Scan for Today~~~~

with 安室奈美惠 Namie Amuro on cover !! ^^ 

How is your Monday so far lovlies? & Don’t forget to share any secrets for losing tummies!!!!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo