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Dream Diary : School & Killers.

Hi Lovlies! Blogger is finally working now?!
 ( I am writing this while the blogger is down.. so I can save it & post it when it’s working.. haha!)

Well today, I decided to create a new section to my blog, which is: Dream Diaries.

Of course, if you read my previous entry “ Dream & Sleeping Habits” you would know that I don’t normally have dreams, instead, I have nightmares!

I think dreams are so interesting and the fact that I dream almost dream everyday can probably give me enough data for a whole “ random dream novel” or something… haha. I had a full on nightmares last night & it woke me up half the night. In the morning, I decided to “ review “ my dream (so I don’t forget it) & write in my blog, as a Dream Diary! =)

Here we go… ** warning: dreams are not suppose to make sense (I think?!) so there are many uncertainties within the plot or the characters! **


(as.. myself? I guess haha)

My Hubby
 (not my real hubby in real life, but hubby in my dream)

My In-Law
 (not actually sure who he is in my dream, does not exist in my real life. In my dream I only know he’s within the family, so I will just call him “ In-Law”)

My In-Law’s wife
 (I don’t know if she ever appeared in my dream but for some reason I feel she exists in the plot! LoL)

The Girl
(who got killed)

The construction worker
 (works for the killer)

A reporter

People on the street 
(trying to frame me)

*~*~*~* Now as we all know, dreams don’t necessary starts from the beginning of a plot, it usually (if not always) starts in the middle of something, and only when you realized it’s a dream, you would realize that the plot had no beginning *~*~*~*

****** What Happened ******

Being frustrated with my class, had Biology and Math, which I don’t understand why I am taking those classes? Plus they’re super boring… I already graduated from College, so why am I taking those classes?


Received bunch of brochures for colleges & they look really ghetto, especially the graduation class yearbook, it doesn’t even have any picture on it! It’s basically just a bunch of paper with people’s signature and clip together!

There’s this girl who got killed, I knew who the killer was. I got married with my hubby & but one day I forgot who the killer is & I start wondering if my hubby was the killer. The investigation for the killer is still going on, my hubby ask me if I trust him that he’s not the killer, I said yes but in my heart I am full on scared.

Back to the whole frustration with classes, woke up many times because of the frustration. When I realized it was a dream & I am not taking those classes, I was gladly to fall back asleep but the dream repeats & I repeatedly woke up.

Finally I fall back asleep but back to the nightmare of finding out about whom the killer really was. At one point, my In-Law was in the restroom taking a shower & my hubby was in a bedroom (not his own bedroom) sleeping. As I walk toward the bedroom my leg start to become exceedingly heavy and I was dragging my legs & I fall. That’s when I see a trail of blood going toward my hubby’s actual bedroom. 

Immediately I realize my In-Law was the killer and he’s trying to frame my hubby for it. I want to warn my hubby but my exceedingly heavy legs forbid me to enter the bedroom. A construction worker pass by me and speedy went down the stairs, I knew he works with my In-Law so I went after him. Amazingly I was also able to speedily go down the stairs. The worker went into the street and climb up the electrical pole. I knew he wanted to let the electrical go off in the house to help frame my hubby in same way. I decided to roll myself in the long cable wires to pull the guy down. The guy got caught and he fall and died. I was scared, because now I am also a killer & at this point there’s actually a lot of people around us watching what happened.

I realized I couldn’t go back now to my life & start walking away. My legs start to be exceedingly heavy again. A reporter came up to me and asks me what happened, I ignore her. Than a couple of people on the street try to put something in my backpack. I tell them to back off and not to frame me (for the girl’s murder). I turn my backpack to the front so no one else can frame me.

I pass by a drink store & came to a dock next to a lake. I see a lot of people having fun and all of a sudden I saw my In-Law. I was scare and wanted to turn away. He told me not to be scared because he’s already been caught & I am safe. All of a sudden my hair become light blonde and short. I became beautiful like a manga character ( lol) My In-Law tells me that there’s just one thing that he wants to do.

He holds me tightly & kissed me, I couldn’t pull him away & I knew my hubby saw me from the distance. After the kiss, my hubby came and stands next to me. He did not blame my In-Law, since he’s going to jail. Hubby & I are still together at the end.

**** Awake *****

So I guess my nightmare had a “ happy ending” which is a surprise since my nightmares usually don’t have any endings and definitely don’t have any happy endings!

That’s it for my last night’s nightmare dream diary… (Should I rename the section as nightmare diary instead?) Do you think it’s interesting? I feel like the last part of the dream actually flows like a real plot! Sometimes I would have many layers of dreams ~ those kind of dreams are super hard to remember since each layer is so different and may be really short & doesn’t really flow like any kind of plot ~

Leave me a comment! Let me know if you like this new section for my blog & want to read more about my dreams!!! ^_^

 xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. Whoa, that's crazy! D: The whole fact that academic subjects are driving you insane while you sleep. It sounds horrible yet sort of funny. xD

    This entire dream seemed like a movie that has not been done yet. This would be something I'd love to watch (but not experience like you did) ;-;
    I'd love to read more about your dreams. :3
    (Though, it sucks that the dreams end up being nightmares ;A; I hope it suddenly stops ... the nightmares I mean. Do you usually go through a lot of stress during the day?)

    Reply to your comment: Thanks, the post actually came back and it made feel relieved. :3

  2. @ Pooper : O yay~ a response ~~ & a good one too~ I was kinda afraid that ppl won’t read my long post =P ~~~ I don’t think I been in a lot of stress.. at least not in this couple of days. According to my hubby, I get nightmares if I cover myself with too many layers of blanket! ( which is something I like to do ~~~) So, glad you like the dream diary post~ hopefully i’ll dream more interesting things so I can blog them! ha ^^

  3. Wow that's one creepy dream and those images you chose really helped illustrate your story lol I have dreams nearly every night but they're not nightmares, I hear it's bad to have dreams so often because it means that you're not really in deep sleep =(