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Dazzling Crystal Garden Deco Mirror !

Hi Lovlies! 

It’s been a while since I post any new Deco’s! So I feel bad about that! Maybe it’s the fact that I been more dedicated to the gym lately that made me have less time for other stuff ~ anyway ^^ I managed to do a new deco item!! yay!!! 

* Click the Below Link for more info & pix or Purchase *

Purchase the Lovely Deco Mirror Here

*BTW: You may see a review of my mirror, live in action in MisoJenny’s video : Deco Mirror Review starts about 4:13. Thx Lovelies! <3

I am somewhat proud of this deco.. I love it ! I hope you do too~ !! If you like it or if you feel any of your friends may like it~ please Twit it ~ !! Thx Lovelies! Your support will help me to have more motivation for constantly improving & updating this blog! <3

Do you like this Deco Mirror? What other type of Deco would you like Me to Produce?! 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 


  1. So pretty!
    I wish I'm dedicated to the gym, too :(

    Btw, thanks for posting out the necklace. Will let you know once I've received it

  2. soooo beautifullll >u<

  3. Anonymous5/18/2011

    Sure thing! Following you now~ :3

  4. Wow.. the deco is so beautiful!
    Indeed have to proud to yourself!((:

    Dreamy Princess

  5. You're goooood :D I just checked out your other items and gosh they're all so beautiful! *_* I especially love your circle lenses cases!

  6. That's sooo cute, I love it!

    Thanks so much for following my blog, I'm really grateful and I'm deffo following you back, I love your blog, it's fab.



  7. thank u Lovelies for all your nice comments! ^^ I’m glad you like it too~ <3 <3

    I might b a little busy these couple of days~ for a deadline~ so I might not comment as much as I use too~ but I will sure visit all of you ASAP when I can! <3 <3

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  8. I really love your blog!!! :) so lovely blog!
    If you want follow me on blogger I will do the same!

  9. Oh My!!! I love checking your blog every minute..
    You are so fantastic and such a glam queen..

    Please keep me posted everyday..

    Keep up the good work