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Splice Movie Review

HI Lovlies~ Another movie review for you~~~ I was suppose to study last night but ended up watching a movie.. BAD ME! n yeah didn't study that much but hopefully I'll get down to it today @_@ 

I think this movie was pretty good and pretty interesting. Especially since I just saw a super suxie horror movie the night b4~ I don't know why I finished the stupid movie but I did. "Splice" was.. I guess about aliens? but not entirely. I think there has been so many alien movies since "War of the Worlds" that I really got tired of it. Most of the copy cats come up with stupid plots and lack imagination of how aliens should really look like. 

Usually when we think "alien" we think about creatures from outer space. But in reality, aliens are just anything that's not like us. Overall I gave this movie 4.5 stars! Very worth watching, it truly brought aliens to life! In a way that it makes sense and seems possible. I consider this movie as Science Fiction and horror. It's not really scary for the most part but at time it truly keep you on your toes! 

It's an old movie, so go rent it on DVD! 

* Rated R for disturbing elements including strong sexuality, nudity, sci-fi violence and language*

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  2. Okay when I watched this movie I got really creeped out/gross out when they were "you know what" OMG but other than that the movie was fairly good and am more refreshing and realistic take on what humans are capable of and what happens when we go into the unknown.

  3. @Sue: cool
    @Suki Pooki: i was kinda gross out too >_< ha
    @Brandon~ I followed u <3

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  4. I heard about this movie, but dint watch. Not very interested to watch those alien movies... haha :P

  5. Nice blog you have here, thanks dropping by my blog.

  6. Nice review!


  7. thanks for ur sweet comment dear :D

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  8. Ooh it looks creepy- I can't watch horror movies! Great review

  9. I love your header! But this movie looks CREEPY haha!

  10. Anonymous4/14/2011

    i saw this movie and hated it! =( it was too weird for me =P

  11. sort scarf.... hmmm


  12. Pretty, firstly, I'm so sorry to answer to you so late, but I have had exams and I couldn't link!
    Too: I'm so sorry about my poor english hahahaha
    What's more, I have watched this movie and I don't like it so much... the girly get me "uggghhh..." I don't like it NOTHING, and the scene of sex... AGHHHHH my eyess!!! I HATE IT! pfffff!! don't like it! no no no!