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KERA Mag Scan & New Deco Item ^^

Hi Lovlies, Thanks for all your comments on the previous page~ I will do a review on the items~ but first... I’m going to purchase more items!!! So my review for ALL the items I purchase ( & will purchase) will be up maybe this weekend <3 

Oh, I also did more Deco Items this week, & I actually have more item right now but didn’t have time to take photo of it yet... ( I also make my deco at night & my lightings are horrible for pictures) ~~ So I will post them later ~ Hopefully this weekend as well.. right now I have this new Pretty Deco Nail photo ~~ <3 <3 

In the mean time, you can read some magazines here ~~~~~~ 

Have a lovely Easter Weekend!! 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 


  1. Wow! You made those!? * O * I'm speechless! So pretty!

  2. those nails are so lovely <3

  3. @Ria Spiral ; Thank u

    @Lily: thank u <3

    @MiKA : yes I did! ^__^ thxx