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Cute Kawaii Animal Pic ^_^

Hi Lovlies~ I was going to do a movie review~ Since I just saw Source Code yesterday. But I saw this CUUUTTTE puppy pixx. & I thought " AWWWW" I have to share with you!!! ^_^ & some cute cat pixx.


I know it's not the first time we all see these cute animals.. but don't they just make all our worries fly away for the moment? I say it's a GOOD drug.. good drug.. hahaha ^^

Stay Tuned for Movie Review for the Next Post & 
 Also, stay tuned for NEW DECO ITEMS COMING SOON!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. i agree! looking at these cute pictures made me feel all warm and fuzzy LOL! :3

  2. omgsh sooo cutee!!what kind of dog is that??

  3. @Sugar sugar: =P
    @Sophie: I think it's Pomeranian who got all shaved up ^^

  4. ahhh too cute :)
    its a shaved pom!!

  5. It's so cute that I thought it was a stuffed animal. Some of my friends posted the first picture on their facebook and all along it was an actual doggy :P

  6. That's so cute! The dog's name is Boo and he has a facebook page with tons of fans! I joined it too and he always updates with photos HAHAHAHA he's super cute!!!!!!

    I know what you mean about dressing up, lots of times, especially when I go to school I feel so lazy and just throw on something loose and baggy/comfy and head out into the world that way LOL and it's harder now because it's still cold I need to bundle up!

  7. omg! that Pomeranian dog is so kawaiii!