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Best Songs & Drama Rambling ~~~

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The other day my hubby ask me if I know Utada Hikaru.. & I was like " Of Course!" & then we started listening to her songs, including " First Love". <3 It's especially good after you haven't listen to it for a while!

Personally I am not really the type who goes 'gaga" over celebrities. Even the ones with talents that I truly appreciate. I do get myself indulged in their music occasionally & I find it very enjoyable!

I think most of you should know First Love, I am not sure if it was famous because of the Drama or because the song itself. I would like to think it's the song itself, because many has forgotten the drama but the song never left their hearts!

I was not a drama addict back then, so I actually never saw the drama : Majo no Jōken (魔女の条件) ("Terms of a witch"). But I know it's about love between a teacher & a student. I think I will make it into my watch list!

The next song is also from Utada, "Flavor of Life" It's in the drama " hana yori dango" but it's also in some video games I think ( not a gamer, but heard this song on game advertisement!)

Hana Yori Dango:
 I know a lot of girls goes 'gaga' over Japanese guys, I used to never get it until I start watching their dramas! Compare to China, Taiwan and korea, I have to say Japan have the BEST drama! In over quality : Plot, Acting, Camera, Costume, Music, ... etc etc. =) So if you don't think Japanese guys are hot ( like I used to think), watch the dramas & you'll change your mind! hahahahha

I can continue list basically all of Utada's songs because it's actually hard for me to not like her songs! ( Except her English only songs, I don't find them very good)

Next celeb I want to talk about is Christina Aguilera. As you might already known, I think her voice is like a Goddess! I actually don't like her songs as much as I do with Utada's. ( I don't like every single piece) I admire her voice more than her songs!

The Voice Within:

One of the pieces that I could listen to repeatedly without getting bored. There's not too much accompaniment, so you can clearly listen to her beautiful voice!


 Another piece that I could listen repeatedly ~ I think it's powerful, and independent. Getting back up and becoming stronger after getting hurt not down!

Next: Jay Chou ( Taiwan Star: Songwriter, Singer, Actor, Direct / Green Hornet Star)

Lately I had become more and more into Jay! I always known he's famous but I was never really into him until now that he has done a hollywood movie. Even though it may just be another movie to the non-asian viewers, I think he did take a big step in his career and did great job =)

I am actually more into him for his talent in music making such as piano playing, composing lyric and music instead of his actual singing. His recent Hollywood movie: Green Hornet I think is also impressive, although not perfect, but with 1 month of learning English, it was definitely well done! * Green Hornet Movie Review Here.

Chinese Singer: Landy Wen Chinese: 溫嵐

I actually don't know her well at all, it's rumored that she had a relationship with Jay Chou ( Green Hornet star) But I just like this song. Basically because of the lyric.

Fool ( English Translation)
Lyrics : Landy Wen Lan
Music : Kenji Wu Ke Qun

Actually, we all knew the bad things that he did
There's no difference
Their eye glistening, a moving love story
Close my eyes, pretend that they are gossips
Actually, we all knew other people's tricks
There's no difference
Pretend to be weak, innocent and shy
But it's a little pretentious
Fool perhaps is more innocent
Their love is not so fake
I don't hold back when I love
Fool, we're all the same
Let love hurt us again and again
Believe that this 'he' is not the same
But we got hurt and yet again
Fool, we're all the same
We're hurt but not giving up
Believe that all we gave will come back
But giving is just a word, fool

Aright, I think this post has been long enough~ so I will end here ^^

Who's your favorite singer & why?! 

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  1. i like utada hikaru songs! =)

    RYC - it depends, some brands last longer than others do. i will let you know when the k-palette liner runs out. :) i've only been using it for less than a month so it's too early to tell but i do know that the one from elf runs out after only a few uses. >o<"

  2. I looooved the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, but haven't seen the Japanese version yet. It's one of the dramas I'm hoping to start watching soon though :P I used to be really into Jay Chou but I stopped listening to his music when he came out with that western/country sounding album ><

  3. Utada's First Love is like a classic. I love that song! Gosh your post just brought back a lot of memories for me..hehee
    <3 silversparklesandshine.blogspot.com