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Ageha Mag Scan April & plz share suggestions

hihi lovlies. ~~~ Ageha Mag Scan!! I love them.. so pretty... 
Btw, I am thinking to re-do my site's layout.. but I am too lazy 2 do it all by myself. What layout site suggestion do you have? Thanks!!!!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. I wish I could recommend some layout suggestions but Im a newb at layout, it took me forever to do mines because all the premade ones didn't really fit my standards lol maybe Im just picky like that =P But I think even just changing your banner and background will give your blog a whole new look!

  2. thank you for sharing the link dear! :3 as much as i want to suggest i don't really know anything about html. >o<" sooo, i'm really sorry. :( i also need a new layout but don't know where i can get one.

  3. Thanks for the mag scan! It's pretty!
    Your layout is already nice ;D but I can understand that you want some change.. Good Luck! ^^

  4. thanks for the skins hunny !

    for layout? i love to keep it simple! you could check my blog out! maybe it will give you some inspiration ;p

  5. @Mightaslc : Thxx~ I was thinking simple too~ but than at the same time I want to have so many things on my blog.. haha..
    @MayClover : NP. =) Thx
    @SugarSugar:haha ok I am trying to learn HTML but i been lazy lately >_<
    @SukiPooki: that’s true~ Thxx ^^

  6. Wow it's such a pretty cover - Japanese girls are so gorgeous!

  7. thanks for the post!! I really like the magazine esp the hair style!

  8. hahahaha I call it strawberry because it was a name that my coworker and I made up at the place where I worked before, it was an all girls clothing store so we got very girly at times LOL A girl there said it reminded her of strawberry jam and that's how it stuck, of course we though it was gross when she first said that LOL

  9. This pic is so pretty!
    Love the dress and the hairstyle!


  10. blogskins.com got a looot of cute layout ^^