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Prayers and support for Japan & Be Prepared.

Hi lovlies. As you all know, about the disasters in Japan. I feel pain for them, it is truly tragic. There’s probably very little we can do, but please keep the prayers and make possible donations if you can. 

This is a link for donation, 100% of you donations goes to those in need. 

Here is more information about the donation service. 

Other than helping others, we should also prepare ourselves. No matter where we are, we should make sure that we’re prepared. Make an emergency backpack for your essentials, food and water. 

1. Backpack or another easy to carry container / carrier
2. Personal paperwork and / or Out of State Contact Person phone # in ziplock bag
3. Whistle
4. Personal First Aid Kit with medical gloves (this can be kept in a ziplock bag)
5. Basic First Aid Guide
6. Necessary prescription medicine (rotate this out each month from this pack so it stays fresh)
7. Insect Repellant
8. Face masks (N95)
9. Small glass bottle with Chlorine bleach, store in ziplock bag with medicine dropper
10. Metal cup or clean metal can (cooking and drinking)
11. Emergency Blanket (one for each member of the family)
12. Pocket knife or Leatherman
13. Duct tape wrapped on a popsicle stick
14. Some rope or para-cord
15. Flashlight with extra batteries or crank flashlight
16. Pocket radio(am/fm or weather radio - not MP3 or CD player!!) with extra batteries
17. Pair of leather palmed work gloves
18. Waterproof Matches and / or pocket lighter
19. Flint or fire starter stick
20. Emergency long burning candle (1 or 2)
21. Chemical hand warmers
22. Assorted sizes of ziplock bags (5 – 10)
23. Some extra large heavy duty lawn and leaf or construction waste bags (2 – 6)
24. Food for a minimum of 24 hours: Power or Energy Bars are the best or MRE’s (plastic
utencils too if you pack MRE’s)
25. Small bar of soap, toothbrush and travel toothpaste in small ziplock bag
26. Package of tissues or camping toilet paper
27. Some money, paper and coins (remember that ATM’s and credit cards don’t work during mass
28. Travel sewing kit (some heavy duty thread, a few needles, and some safety pins minimum)
29. Extra set of car and house keys
30. WARM clothes, wool sweater, hat and socks and long underwear.
1. Small Bible or Spiritual resource
2. Disaster Preparedness Handbook
3. Emergency Rain Poncho (large garbage bags can be used as ponchos too)
4. A couple small toys, games or books if you have children. Stuffed toys are good for comfort.
IF YOU HAVE AN INFANT, you must create a SEPARATE pack for your baby with the following
items: Diapers, Wipes, Food, Formula, Baby bottle or sippy cup, A few 12 or 16 oz bottles of water,
Change of Clothes (warm clothes), Necessary medicine, Snuggly toy or lovey
IF YOU HAVE AN ELDERLY RELATIVE, take their special needs into account. They may need
their own backpack too. Don’t forget to pack WARM clothes for them!!
IF YOU HAVE A PET, you may need to add some of their food in a ziplock bag to your pack, plus
another small cup for them to drink water from.

Stay Safe everyone!!! 

xoxo hitomineko xoxo


  1. After the devastation in Japan my family has finally seriously considered safety issues in our family, especially since we have a dog that I would never leave behind! We though about things like safety packs, a meet up locations etc

    My heart goes out to all the people in Japan and I wish for nothing but the best and hope they recover soon!

  2. so Heartbreaking!
    I travel to Japan for work...
    Shall continue to pray for all the victims!


  3. I feel so sad about what happened.. :(
    Praying for Japan! Already donated to the Red Cross.

    Btw I also like your posts :D thankyou for that sweet comment! xx