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New Deco Mirror =) fashion updates funny pix of the day & New LV BAG?

Hi Lovlies! thx for ur suggestions and comments on my previous post. If you still have more comments feel free !!! I need all the help I can get! I just messaged one of my friend, I felt like he knows more professionals and hope that he can give me some design connections. LUCKILY, he replied and said he knows a few people and is happy to help me out!! Oh, I am so happy, I really hope it’ll work out somehow. Hopefully if I can really met these design professionals in both interior and fashion, I can find out which path I truly want to go! 

In the mean time... I am doing all the design I can do.. my deco mirrors! I should have done more... hopefully I will post more later this week ! ^^

do you like it ^^ ? 
(Email Me at HitomiKat@Gmail.com if you would like to purchase one!)

Also a little birdie told me about this new LV bag. I am not sure how creditable it is since I didn’t see it on LV site. ( but LV site have so many diff regions, so maybe it’s only for certain regions?) 

What do you think of the bag? It reminds me of trash bags. Supposedly worth $1960 USD. 

Last & not least.. funny pixx of the day. 


xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. i love the mirror with the flower in the third picture! about how much do the mirrors cost? are they the ones that light-up on the inside?

  2. @Valeria, Hi dear, I updated the pictures, so I think I changed the order. The one with the big flower is the one you like? The cost is $29.99 including shipping within the U.S. This one does not light up on the inside, but include one regular mirror and on magnify mirror. Perfect a makeup mirror! =) ( PS I cannot access your profile, so I hope you get this msg)

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  3. LOL! the last picture is soooo cute! x) your mirror designs are always pretty. ^-^

    and, the LV bag is not something that appeals to me. :/ ermmmmm.... it does resemble a trash bag as you have said hahaha. x/ definitely something i'd want to see IRL just to satisfy my curiosity but wouldn't buy anyway. :/

  4. OMG @ the lv bag!!!! It really does look like a trash bag and definitely does not make it onto my want list lol The chow chows are sooo cute! My favs are the white ones too! Your deco designs are really cute! Whoever wins the mirror is super lucky! I really hope everything works out for you in relation to your career!

  5. Well, I don't think it's an original LV bag?? It does really look like trash bag ><

    Lol at the picture. CUTTEEE!! xDD

    The deco mirror is pretty. love bling*bling stuff(:

    Dreamy Princess

  6. The deco mirror is beautiful!!
    LOL that last pic is too funny XD

  7. I think that LV bag is from a past collection. You're right about it looking like a trash bag. =\

  8. @Sugar Sugar~ Really? LV bag don’t appeal to u? This trash bag design def doesn’t appeal to me either~ haha XD but mostly they do attract me!

    @suki Pooki~ thxx for ur compliments ^^ do u think the fake dog is funnier or the dog’s expression is funnier? hahha.

    @Dreamy Princess: Yeah I kinda question if it’s original too!! =) glad u like the mirror~ i love bling bling 2 ^^

    @MayClover : Thx!! ^^

    @Shop N Chomp: Ooo so it is real than @_@!

  9. Thankyou for your comment! =D i'm following you back now ;) the hellokitty mirror is very nice! You did a great job! very creative =D xoxo

  10. HAHAHA oh my god that last picture!! xDD that was hilarious!

    Cute mirror!