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Horror Movie- Scream Or Laugh?

Hi Lovlies, yesterday I was watching a movie and started thinking: “ Why people scream?” I came across this article today and it talks about why some people would scream or laugh at the same horror film. 

Basically I guess it’s just how people are “wired” differently. Our genes decide how we would react to certain things. Either we are able to keep our anxiety more or less in control base on our genes. 

I remember the other day I was watching a horror film... I think it was “ Chain Letters” It was a bad film, a lot of gruesome images, but at some points I would actually laughing at the film & my hubby was a tiny bit horrified and ask me how is it even funny?! Haha... Although I also wonder... could we be “trained” to control our anxiety? I mean if our genes decides our anxiety control, how do we train it? 

I have always been a horror film fan, but honestly, I was scared to death of it no matter how much I love to watch it. There was a period of time, where I watch numerous horror films at once. After that, I started to become more immune to it & not as scared anymore. However, I guess the article still makes sense, because despite the fact that I used to be scared to death with horror films, I never screamed. 

So, do you scream or laugh at horror films? 

xoxo hitomineko xoxo


  1. I love horror films too but afterwards I can't eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom alone LOL Thus I end up waking my bf at 4am and saying...."...pee..." LOL!!!! But I still love them! As to screaming....hmm...Im not a screamer but when Im truly shocked I do give a bit of a yell but nothing like a scream! And besides, it's hard to find a true horror film now as they are all so predictable these days! On the other hand bf is never scared of horror film but if he ever IS scared, I get even MORE scared LOL! So now even if he thinks its creepy he doesn't tell me anything =P

    P.s I think the best horror movie I've watched "recently" is paranormal activity!

  2. I actually don't react during horror films hence my friends think I am emotionless LOL! xD I also laugh like a maniac when I get hurt... :/ Not normal is it? LOL! But yeah, most people tend to scream when watching horror films. I do love watching them! ^___^

  3. Depends on the film...sometimes I'm laughing, sometimes I'm very quiet (instead of screaming) xD

  4. Nice photo. isn't that a comedy? LOL. but good movie. the Scary Movie series have made me laugh all the time.

    as for horrors, i like watching them, but there doesn't seem to be any good ones lately. the last one i've seen was Rogue - some movie about a killer giant croc. not scary. (maybe because i watched it during the day?) the plot was pretty crap too. Anacondas was way better, tbh.

    and i don't scream watching horror movies. neither do i laugh. but i know when someone does something foolish during the movie (which happens a lot) i roll my eyes.

    any recommendations? (:

  5. I LOVE horror flicks. But I end up laughing at really bad ones. :P

  6. i get startled because of the sound effects but i don't watch horror films by myself..lol

  7. I scream more, especially if there's a scene that would caught me off guard - I would jump and scream -_- lol Oh, and I laugh when I'm in pain hahaha so weird but it helps!

  8. I don't always like horror films (haha afraid).
    I don't scream, but when I'm really afraid my eyes become bigger? lol sounds crazy XD and I also become very quiet ...
    Lol @Elle: That's a good one, I will also try to laugh next time when I'm in pain, muaha I think it would look(sound?) very strange :P

  9. Did you manage to find a nice tea place near your home to try out?! I think afternoon tea is awesome especially if you're a girly girl like me hahaha

    hee hee I love sea otters!

  10. Neither. I look the other way...lol. I'm usually too scared to watch. @_@