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Gothic & Lolita Bible Mag Scan

I love Gothic n Lolita~ <3 <3

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. thank you so much for the mag scan! the pictures are so kawaii! x) looking at japanese magazines always inspire me. :3

  2. Thanks for the scans! It must take so much time!!!! The girls are also so nice and dolly! I hear that girls who worked in stores that sell gyaru/lolita stuff must also create a blog to help promote sales and that the job requires more than just selling clothes! I never knew that! Oh and it must take them forever to get ready lol

  3. Hi Hitomi! It’s been a while since I’ve visited, right? I’m so sorry, but I did read all of your posts :) So I guess a random hello is at its place?
    I love your movie reviews, because most of them are about movies I might watch myself… Always interesting to know whether or not other people liked it.
    I just re-read your post on hair care! Hair is so important to us girls. I have curls, as you know, and none of the types you talked about are really right for curly haired girls T_T. You see, I have normal to greasy hair, but the structure of curls prevents the sebum from sliding down (unlike straight hair, where it does go down and eventually spreads out more or less evenly over the total length of the hair when you brush it – unless of course when you have really long hair). Curly hair is ALWAYS dry (also because you can’t brush it). That’s why it asks for special treatment, and usually it’s different for every curly head… Curls are never low maintenance, I’ve noticed...
    I just go on and on, am I :p It’s great you made a post about it though ^_^
    Oh, and I love your deco stuff ^^ Home made things always look so much more loved than the usual store bought things.

  4. @ sugar sugar : NP! glad you like it

    @ Suki Pooki: I really want 2 dress like them 2~ but i love slp too much~ hahha dont hv time !

    @ bibi: my msg got erased so many times >_< sniff. but thx so much for coming back. I sometimes forgot i have wavy hair cuz i been chemically striaghtening for so long. haha.

  5. thanks so much for the scans <3 your designs are lovely i just entered the mirror giveaway contest ^.^ and if u ever need advice you can ask me*

  6. Anonymous4/02/2011

    thanks for the link!

    i am currently interested in jap fashion these days, so colorful!

  7. @Sophie: NP~ thx for entering the contest ^^
    @Reina: that’s great! I love Jap fashion! <3