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New Deco Mirror Item Plus an award !

Hi Lovlies! 
I am glad that many of you like my items and am flattered with your compliments ^^ 
So I guess when I get this thing going, It just get me going!! I made another deco Mirror! 
It is handmade and designed by me. Please do not copy or claim any photo to be yours.

What do you think? Do you like it? You’re welcome to give me any suggestion or comments ^^

Email me ( HitomiKat@Gmail.com) to purchase directly or visit my Etsy store. 

Also, I received an Award! I haven’t receive awards for a while so I am excited!

1) Thank the person who sent you the award
2) Share 7 Things about you
3) Nominate 15 bloggers
4) Contact them & tell them they got an award

* Thanks to Melisa for giving me this award! 
She have a very cute website also! Please check her out!

* 7 things about me

* I am going on a trip to meet up with one of my best friend who I have not seem for 4 years

* My friends consider me to be “ very strong” literally!

* I have not have short hair since middle school and sometimes I am thinking if I should cut it! 

* Sometimes I feel like being nice is not the best solution

* I used to think renting is a lot easier than buying a house but I think I have changed my mind. 

* I like all the pretty and expensive brands but I am not crazy over it

* I want to go on a cruise! 


Award goes to: 

4. Cami
5. Donna
15. Sanny

Enjoy checking out their blogs. 

xoxo hitomineko xoxo


  1. I want to go on a cruise too! Very cute mirror btw. =D Congrats on your award and thanks for sharing it with me. Here are my 7 facts: http://shopnchomp.blogspot.com/2010/07/tagged-7-random-facts.html

  2. Wow super pretty deco mirrors, you are very artistic...great work and congrats to your award dear:-)

  3. Yayyyy!!! Thanks for the award dear.
    You make such kawaii mirrors. :3
    I hope you enjoy your trip with your bestfriend. Don't forget to share pictures of the tour ok? =)
    Here are my 7 facts:

  4. Ahhhh the deco mirror is so cuteee! *-* <3

  5. Anonymous2/19/2011

    Thank you SO much for the award! It's always nice when fellow bloggers take the time to give awards to other girls out there, and I surely enjoy getting them! You are so sweet!! ^_^



  6. yayy1 Tthanks for the award babee! you're such a sweetheart <3

  7. Thanks for thinking of us for that award. Unfortunately, I've stopped blogging for a while. We are busy preparing to move from Japan to Singapore to live.

    Wow, you make such cute mirrors! Keep going with all the kawaii stuff you are making.

  8. Cute! I should probably get into the whole deco thing too - I love compact mirrors with rhinestones and bling on it but they're usually so pricey. It would be a lot cheaper if I made my own haha

  9. Wow! You're so creative-love the mirror! Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on to me. I'm truly flattered. Hope you're having a great evening. Oh, loved reading your 7 things. XX

  10. The mirrors are nice! You're so creative and dedicated!

  11. Thank you so much for the award, darling:) So sweet of you:) Kisses

  12. Love the mirror! So pretty!

  13. I LOVE all your Deco mirrors! <3 <3

  14. enter me please :)
    ive added you on fb and followed you on twitter
    and your really goood at decoing! think i may have to have a few tips from you! :) xxx