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The Tourist Movie Review

Hi Lovlies... it’s movie review time! ^^ I do hope you like my reviews? Here we go...

So this movie starting Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp... who wouldn’t watch it right? It seems like another “ Mr. & Mrs. Smith” Movie, with irresistible cast members! Though, don’t get your hopes up too high, it was nothing like that movie!

The whole time, Angelina is suppose to be this spy agent, she acts like “ high class” or “ overly confident” during the whole movie but that’s about it. She never hold a gun through-out the whole movie... At the climax of the film, I was expecting her to finally do something “ spy agent” like... but she just acted like a woman ready to be rescued!!!! There is a twist in the movie, I give you that. It was unexpected, so I thought the ending was actually good. The process was a bit drag, not drag enough for me to stop watching it so I guess it’s alright. 

Overall I gave this movie a 3 star. It only gets that much because of the cast and the final twist in the plot. Otherwise it’s not really worth watching. Hope that didn’t disappoint you too much!

Will you watch this movie? 

Are you a fan of Angelina or Johnny? 


  1. I think I will watch it just for the amazing Venice! Have a lovely day, sweetie

  2. I love Angelina, BUT I LOVE JOHNNY EVEN MORE!! lol! but from the sounds of it, i might just have to wait for a dvd, so yeah, definitely a dvd movie for me <3 awesome review :3

  3. johnny depp = <3 of my life lol! great review!

  4. I really wanna watch this movie for two reasons.

    1.) Your review of the movie made me really wanna watch it now.

    2.) Johnny Freaking Depp nuff said!


  5. @Saving Capulet yeah~ I think DVD Is good enough~ esp if u expect action from this movie! someone actually told me he likes it..~ IDK. I guess he’s not much of a ‘action” guy ^^"

  6. @Diana Mieczan O yeah. ~~ the views r lovely ^^

  7. I love Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie! These are my favorite actors, so when I realized , they would play together, I was happy hihi. But the trailer for this movie does not talk to me, I think the film is not terrible but I would go see it anyway:)
    Anyway I just discovered your blog, which is too cute and too cool!
    Kisses (K)

  8. this movie is really nice! i can't imagine how you can find it mediocre. what a sad life you have to find it mediocre.

  9. @BabyRachel: not loving this movie doesn’t mean I ( or anyone else) have a sad life.... I’m not sure how u could come to that conclusion. I do love johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.. but I guess they made a mistake with filming this movie because it was not that good.