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Jay Chou, his Concert & Green Hornet Movie Review

Hi lovlies.. I have gotten a little sick again.. ooo noo. >_<‘’’ sadness... the weather has gone way hotter this past weekend, so I guess I kinda let loose when I went to sleep ~~ but my sleeping habits are not very good... usually end up waking up in the middle of the night out of coldness because all my blankets are gone! So yeah.. my throat is kinda in pain, better than last night though.. last night it hurts when I swallow anything! >_<

So yeah, lately Jay Chou has been on my mind because my friend just went to his concert on Jan 8, 2011. & his movie just came out~~ So, even though I have not been a huge fan of Jay, I do feel proud that he can represent the stars from Asia to get into Hollywood. ( kinda like Jackie Chan)

Some peaks into his concert ^^

Jay playing Green Hornet music in Concert !

Jay Chou street performance!!! ahhh! I wish I was there!

I remember I commented that Jay Chou was not going to be big for a long time ( a long time ago), I guess I was wrong! He’s still big star today! I thought he was not going to last because all his music seems to be the same, however, it does give him an unique style. Usually when you listen to his music, you know it’s him, even if you never heard it before!

Here is a little review of his movie: Green Hornet

Some say that the movie is funny, which I disagree. There are some fun points and the movie is definitely not serious but it’s not really a comedy like Jackie Chan movies. Personally, I was disappointed that they made Jay look like a nerd in appearance. How often do you see an asian NOT looking like a nerd in US movies? Almost never I say! Except maybe like “ too fast & too furious” but that’s because they’re gangster characters, other than that, asian almost always look like nerds! Jay looked much better in his “ hero” costume, but that’s about it.

I thought Jay’s performance was better than I expected. He doesn’t have too much lines but most of the time he was able to cover up his inadequateness in English. I heard in an interview that he only learn English for a month, if that’s the absolute truth, I do think he did a wonderful job.

Overall I rate this movie 3.85 stars. I think the movie wouldn’t be that much of a hit if it weren’t for Jay Chou ( or maybe Cameron Diaz, though I didn’t realize she’s in it until I watch the movie). It’s suppose to be a comedy but it’s not that funny. The martial arts part were pretty good! ~ It would probably be even better if they didn’t do so much slow motion ( slow motion just seems easier to film?! But don’t take my words for it, I know nothing about filming! ha)

For Jay’s fans, I am sure you will watch it no matter what! I do think it’s way better than his Chinese movies. For non-fans, I do still think it’s worth watching =) !!

Are you a Jay Chou Fan? ( If not, are you a fan now?! ^^)

Do you like the movie? ( Will you watch it?)


  1. aahh so jealous of your friend, wish I was there!

  2. Anonymous1/18/2011

    i wasnt a fan until i watched the movie! aww you didnt think it was funny? I was laughing the whole time n i want to watch it again!!!

  3. I love his music but I'm not sure about his acting. I'll probably wait till this comes out on dvd.

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  5. OOOOOOO!!! i am looking forward to watching green hornet! cause im surprised jay chou is actually in this movie >_<" thanks for the review! now i HAVE TO WATCH IT! :)

  6. ooh i watched the movie and it was way better than treasure hunter.. i would day its not bad.
    Can't wait for his concert in March!