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Happy New Year, Signs of getting older or wiser?

Happy New Year Everyone! How was your new year? I hope all of you play it safe! There’s always crazy drivers out there on the holidays~ aii~!! Well, I was at my friends house & just had fun talking and eating~ & we were talking about new year resolutions. I was surprised that many of them still have new year resolutions regularly. I thought those are things that people “ get over” with as we age! lolz

So the funny thing was that after the discussion I realize signs of myself getting older.

1) I don’t make empty promises to myself: I remember I used to make a whole list of resolutions every year, & I can’t remember any of them except one. Which was “ stop procrastination” !! & I know all my classmates & I have that same thing on the list! I stop making this resolution when I realize that if I am truly going to change, I don’t need a specific time to change, I will just do it.

2) I start caring about my skin more: I know a lot of girls are more diligent with taking care of their face, starting at a young age, which is of course a good thing. For me, I just never really see much results of anything I used, plus I am not really consistent with products so I feel like every skin product is sort of a waste. However I am now more willing to spend money on skin products & be more consistent with it. I think waiting till I see the my first winkle or black spot to do anything will be too late!

3) I care about my diet more: Whenever I eat something that’s too fattening or rich, my mom will say that “ it’s ok, you’re still young, but I can’t eat it”. If I eat too spicy food, it would sting like hell but my stomach will still be fine. Now, however is not the case anymore. If I eat unhealthy like too rich, too spicy.. it will have an effect on my body. So this year, I will actually have a resolution that I have not made for a long time: which is to eat healthier! Of course this is a life long commitment, not just this year!

4) I like the color red:  For the longest time I like pink & I still love it, but I found myself falling in love with red. I usually don’t like red because I feel like it makes a woman instantly older. For example, I love Scarlett Johansson, we all know she’s very sexy and womanly. When she was 21, I had a hard time imagine that she’s only 21 with that figure & red lipstick!

Few weeks ago, someone commented that I look like I am 18, while that may be flattering I suppose ( since every woman loves to look young) but I feel like looking like my age makes me feel more sexy ~ so I start to wear red lipsticks now~ Instantly makes me more mature & hopefully look more like my age.

no red lips
VS: red lips

5) I agree with my mom more: I am sure all of us had heard from a parents or guardian that “ you will understand when you get older” or experience disagreement with them & feel like they will never understand you because of their “ old ways of thinking”. I don’t totally agree with my mom, I still disagree with her in many ways, but I also realize I agree with her on some levels in ways I never did before. So I guess I just have to say it’s true that “ something you can never understand until you’re older” no matter how mature you are for your age. 

That’s all the things I can think so now. Signs of me getting older. haha. or wiser? ( I hope) It’s not always bad to grow up~ I hope you all have a great new year now ^^ 

So what are your new year resolutions? 

ps: do you like my new header? ^^ 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

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  1. HapPY New year! Red lipsticks seem to look great on a lot of people but I still don't have the courage to try it out yet =X hehe

    Wish you the best in 2011!

  2. Happy new years to you~!!

    I've started to take care of my skin more too! Usually people think that makeup can help the appearance of your face, but to make the makeup look better, skin also has to be better as well :)

  3. Happy New Year Hitomi! I recognise a lot of myself in your list of 'getting older, getting wiser' I like to think of it more as getting wiser than as getting older though. Getting older isn't something I look forward to, getting wiser is. ^^

  4. thanks for your comment^^
    love your blog^^

    happy new year!^^

  5. Hi! happy New year ^^

    I have thinking about red lipstick too, i look much younger than i am, but my lips are very thin, so, i dont think red's my colour -___- And i love the way it looks on other girls D:

    Anyway, lets become more wiser ^_~/

  6. Happy New Year!!!! Very nice blog!

    if you are interested in fashion, follow me !

    Today you can see Topshop and H&M Spring Collection on my blog


  7. I think it takes some courage to really pull the red lipstick look, especially to walk around in public.

    Ps. 500 Days of Summer is such a fun movie, especially if you like Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt

    Have a FAB year ahead! (:
    Sanny's Head to Heart

  8. @Sanny i agree! so usually i put some gloss on it! so it little a little more youth-ish!!

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  9. @Audrey Thank U! i visited ur blog!

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  10. @★Mel=) wiser it is! mmmm well let me think about if there’s another way to look more mature instantly.. mmmm

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  11. @Shou-chan ur welcome! happy new year !

  12. @Bibi great! it’s always fun to find some common ground!! happy new year!

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  13. @Fernroro that’s so true ! i think i always forget that!! *** must remember!! ***

    xoox hitomineko xoox

  14. @♥Mishi à la mode♥ hehe yeah well ~~ maybe you’re still young?! or if you do look like ur age than I think u’ll b fine without it! but i think it’s a great tool for those of us who look a bit young for our age! ha

    xoox hitomineko xoxo

  15. What wonderful resolutions you have created. Personally, I don't create New Year's Resolutions. :)