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Kendra TV Review

Many of you may know of Kendra

She was a former playboy who lived in the playboy Mansion

It's been a while since she had marriage and got her own reality show on E. so I was not thinking to do a review on it but than when I was watching it yesterday, I realize something different about her show.

The other two Girl next Door that was dating Hugh the same time as Kendra doesn't seem to get as much attention as Kendra ( at least in my opinion). Even though they got their own shows, but I guess their life doesn't seem as interesting without a man, baby or the famous Hugh Hefner. 

If you watch reality shows such as the Kardashians, you realize that they have makeup on ALL the time, even b4 bedtime ( that's not really the reality is it? actually I still love the show but that was one of the thing i feel very unrealistic) With Kendra, she seems to be VERY down to earth. She doesn't care to show off her real face on the camera. It's not once in a while you see her makeup-less on TV. It is every Episode! 

Kendra makeup less! 

Although I am sure some of you watching may feel like : why is she on TV? Not every celeb will look much more glamours without makeup! So yeah, but than you realize, that IS REALITY SHOW. Of course makeup just part of it but you can tell everything she says is very honest thoughts from her mind. It's the reality and it shows the happiness and difficulties of her new life with her new man who is a NFL player.  I never watch FootBall but now i understand a little bit of how these celebs can have a hard time in their relationship and life; even though they seem to have so much more than we do ( money wise anyway).

So yeah but just a slight warning if you plan to watch it that you might see some nudity, or part nudity ( I am sure the TV blur it out.. but like i mention in my Married to Rock review, the blurring technique happens to be more poor than b4!!!!)  I mean she was a former playboy, she's not really afraid to show off her stuff!! 


  1. I am totally living under a rock because didn't realize these ladies got their spinoff - it is pretty refreshing that she'd come off at least somewhat realistic!

  2. I like watching Kendra coz' she seems more real and not "plasticky" unlike those other bunnies/celebrities. She seems grounded despite the glitz and glamour. Just my opinion:-)

  3. She is very beautiful! :)

  4. She's cute but I've never seen the show!

  5. @Shop N' Chomp haha. well i wouldn't say it's a must watch show but it's fun to watch when you're bored