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VIVI Nov 2010 - update

20101010_e884de38fab113dd776f3L8JqsgcOL4S.jpg picture by hitomi_meow 

  20101010_38e934ae5d1cbd6d14a1M9tdXByL2zRF.jpg picture by hitomi_meow


  1. you have such a cute blog! I'm so amazed! New Follower! xXx bisous!

  2. @ Destiny: thank u thank u =)
    @ nana : Yep <3

  3. Anonymous11/09/2010

    yay! ty for the update!!! i luv the sexy/ cute ladies and th fashion

  4. Hey! love all the pics!!
    You have a cute blog!
    please step by mine and follow!, following you right now!!

  5. i just bought the magazine! lol
    wanna address each other's blog in facebook? i can certainly broadcast about your blog on mine :)) xox

  6. @bunnyluverz: ur welcome! ^^ i love it too <3

    @Tonio: cool blog, followed u back <3

    @Shebelle: sounds like a good idea ^^ did u check out my fb page?

  7. love your items gal :))
    i took nihongo too but too bad didn't get to learn kanji so i'm kinda stuck with hiragana
    i'm posting your fb on my fb right now :D

  8. Yay long pic post! Such lovely and inspirational magazinescans...

    Hehe, thanks for the comment ^.^ I don't have a radio here, so I always listen to my iTunes... But I've already heard most of the songs, so I thought: why not ask my lovely followers? ^.^

    Tips for bloglayout... Do you have Photoshop? It's dead easy to make a background with Photoshop, just make a new document with a 1279x776+px dimension and start copy/pasting cute images, drawings, colours etc... If you don't have Photoshop you can try using Gimp, it works almost the same, but it's free.

    Now, I always try to keep my layout as simple and clear as possible, because I get easily overwhelmed, but of course, you're free to use whatever colour or pattern you'd like...^.^ If you have an email adress I can send you the photoshop version of my bunny background. You can also just start from any blog background you find online, and change it 'till it suits your needs...

    If you need any more help, feel free to contact me, my emailadress is on my blog. I like helping out where possible (and I really love photoshopping, can't help it) ^.^

  9. O__O Ohhhhh!! Lovely Blog!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Kiss , Achan

  10. @ Shebelle: thx! O I should remember to do the same too.. * note to myself * ^^
    @ Bibi: thanks so much for ur email & the file!
    @ achan di fimocafe: Thank u !