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super giveaway !

HI everyone ^^ I found a couple giveaways & i will probably update more later.

This one is by Jennifer from Australia

There are 29 items and the 30th is of your choice! I entered. & you may enter also Here
Good luck ^^ Ends dec 15th 2010

This one is full of nail polishs!
it looks pretty awsome, so I'm entering. I guess this whole giveaway thing is pretty popular, I hope I will at least win one soon! hehe ( I couldn't copy any pix from the give away blog so click here to enter the super giveaway <3 & see for yourself )

Here is another give away. I never tried the individual lashes. I want to try it. =)
* Eylure Individual Lashes
* Mac Lipglass: Revealing
* Mac Pigment: Dark Soul
* Benefit Eyebright
* Barry M Nail Polish: Dusky Mauve
* River Island Silver Vintage Double Ring
* Miss Selfridge Gold Ring
enter the give away here <3

** Another Giveaway**

I am curious to try to skin food product. I heard about it but never used it. This GiveAway ends on November 30th,~~ enter giveaway here


  1. Thanks for letting me knoww ! x

  2. @Melody no problem =) i think if i find more good ones i will add more into this entry!

  3. babe thanks for dropping by, anatawa nihonjin desuka? :D
    doc said i wear contact lens too long (15 hours!) and they got too dry - bad idea for winter since contact lenses suck all moisture
    i treat my eyes with an hourly eyedrop and a gel just once before i sleep to cure my cornea :)

    you may need to refresh (F5) to follow me or go to dashboard, copy my url and hit "add" underneath the blog feed - hope that helps

  4. @Shebelle: thxx for the tip. oo I wear my contacts very long too like you... although I just got my annual check up like last month and the doc didn't asy anything so I gues so far I am ok. Though I am thinking to get some eye drops just in case. What kind of eyedrop do you use or are they prescriptioned?

    PS: 私は日本人ではありませんが、私はいくつかの日本語のレッスンを取った。<3

  5. looks really good!
    thank you for stopping and lovely comment <3


  6. @ little miss curious: Ur welcome <3