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Married to Rock: TV Show Review

I love watching E! Channel, for all the gossip and sometimes the Hollywood murder stuff! I realized that this channel got me addict to some reality show too, which before I never like watching ‘cause I find them unrealistic. I think Married to Rock is a new show, so I checked it out, yesterday I watch it for the second time, IDK what ep it was. But let me just tell you about the pro and cons.
Cons: It’s probably not a very appropriate show to watch with your love ones. By that I mean your parents or your SO. Yesterday’s Ep consists of one of the wives making a real life size doll of herself and send it off to her hubby. Which I guess is a fine idea, but the rest of the EP shows some images that seriously look like/is  porno with that pretty real looking doll...& I know many of us watch porn with SO, However, I am talking about television, where it is suppose to be appropriate for the general public.. not porn… O & I also find it interesting how the blur outs techniques are less advance now than before because even with all the blurs, I can still see everything!

Made a doll of herself. I say she looks like a doll herself...

Pros: Mmm well I guess you get to see what it’s like being married to a rock star?!? …although I really don’t know any of the man & don’t find them attractive at all… as for the ladies, I don’t find them very beautiful either… I guess there is just too much makeup ( and fake boobs?).
who looks most beautiful? Sorry i can't tell the difference between the 2nd and 4th girl ( from left) but first is Josie ( doll lady) and 3rd is Etty, which personally I find most beautiful so far. & I am not being bias just cuz i'm asian !
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  1. Thank you for a lovely comment dear :)
    Great blog!


  2. Anonymous11/24/2010

    This post is very interesting! We don't have that show in Italy, but now I'm really curious to watch it!
    And I do agree with you with the fake boobs thing! :D



  3. @Vikki haha, i think we have tons of shows like that here. Each show gets better boobs. lolz ^^

  4. hi dear!
    thanks for following!^^

    in fact the show sounds very interesting and kinda fun^^ just something when you don't want to struggle your brain to much^^
    maybe I can find the episodes online or something, because I can't watch it here in tv.
    i would like to check it out xD

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  5. @Clover NO problem! thx so much for responding to my question! ^^

  6. their boobs are really too much, it kinda ruin my appetite. lolx

  7. those boobs are scarrryyy !!!

    i love E! for reality shows too lol

    glisters and blisters

  8. @michelle_ XD yep scary boobs.. ahhaha