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Inception Movie Review

Ok I know this movie is pretty old now, but I only watched it recently & I have to say it is excellent! <3
I think Leo's movies are getting better & better, not just a pretty boy anymore. The movie is about dreams, the way they explain it makes perfect sense to me. Of course ( I think) in real life we cannot enter and exit each other's dream as we pleased, however, everything else seems to make sense. I personally dream  A LOT, I think every single night, so frequent that it feels weird when I don't dream.

The movie explain that if we dream something from our memory, we can get messed up about which one is dream or reality. Although it seems impossible, but I think it's true. One time or twice,  I dream of things I actually seem in real life & it seriously messed me up with dream and reality! Because the next day I kept telling people things and they told me it never happen! It was kinda scary... When we dream of things that we made up, the reality is obvious when we wake up, that's why we usually don't have this problem.

I give 5 stars! Must see movie! Have a lot of action & depth; I was never bored for a second!

I had a little crush on Leo since Titanic, after a while, not anymore... but now yes.. I love him again. haha




  1. Anonymous11/10/2010

    Amazing review, I loved every single line!!
    I haven't seen this movie yet, but I will definitely do it now! ;)



  2. @Vikki glad you like it, i like ur blog too <3<3<3 very cute <3

  3. I still haven't seen this movie, but I will :)
    I recently had a lucid dream and saw your comment, thank you :)
    Having these type of dreams is just like a virtual world, amazing feeling and kind of scary at the same time.


  4. I can't wait to watch it myself soon!

  5. hey babe thanks for dropping pass my blog <3!!!!
    I watched inception too but i didnt really get it abit confusing! but nonetheless it was a well structured motive the last part made me thinking so much!!!!

    keep up the good work and im going to follow u!

    xx mooshichui.blogspot.com

  6. Anonymous11/11/2010

    Hi sweetie!
    Here I am again! :)
    Thanks for following me, I'm really happy about it!
    I'm following back! ;)


  7. Inception is incredible movie, with unusual interesting idea, great cast and camera...
    Just perfect! ♥


  8. I always wanted to watch the movie...but now I'll definitely will :D

  9. Hi! Thanks a lot for your lovely comment and for following! Follow you back! ;)

  10. Anonymous11/11/2010

    I still need to watch this movie! I heard so many good reviews about it..I just dont have the time

    I feel the same way about leonardo with titanic and then now that he is making more movies hehe

    ps. I gave you a blogger award! check out my blog ^.^

  11. @LynSire ♛: hihi, yeah but I think lucid dream is different though. Lucid dream is suppose to be a person realizing that he's dreaming within the dream. What I mention was that after I woke up I got confused with my dream with reality because I dream of things & people I saw everyday. I guess lucid dream can b a bit scary too but not as scary as confusing reality with dream I think haha

    @ Sachie: =) good, you'll like it

    @ Mooshi.Chui: no problem ^_^ oo well I guess i won't talk abt the ending for those who havn't watch it. Thx for following <3

    @ Little Miss Curious: Yep, love it <3

    @ KimChi: goodie. I never felt so good writing a review. hahahah

    @ Marella: Thank u <3

    @ BuNnYLuverz: aww really?! thank u! i'm gonna check it out right now ! <3

    xoxo hitomineko

  12. I saw it too! Really cool!

  13. I love that movie and this is a great review! Good job :)