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christmas giveaway

I don't usually blog about other people's blog, but this one seems too good to be true? There's a lot of products and I currently don't own any too faced product yet but I am curious to own them!. So I dont' know, I am tyrying out this giveaway. Hope I'll be lucky?!

btw i'm updateing the pictures for my previous blog below, so check them out soon. ^^

 so if you are interested in winning this giveaway go to this blog <3 Good luck!


  1. thanks for sharing the giveaway ^^
    & nice to hear theres at least some halloween in your region ^^ Here it was zero!
    +would you like to follow me back? :)

  2. Good luck on the giveaway ^.^

    I've got an award for you dear! Come check my last post

  3. That is a very nice giveaway!! Good luck!! :)

  4. AWESOME GIVEAWAY : D good luck! I entered it too! Let's hope one of us wins : D <3

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    The boots are super warm AND comfortable : D even though the heel is almost 2 inches. They're so nice!
    Haha, yeah. I guess the government made a sneaky point out of demanding photos like that. DAMN THEM! \(Ò__ó/

  5. @Sachie
    <3 I followed u back, thx for following! <3

  6. @ bibi: thank u so much for the award! it's my first one! <3<3<3

    @ nana: Thank u ! ^__^

    @나니: Cool! yes, let's hope one of us wins =)